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What Do We Actually Do?

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Ready for bouncing back?

Operate more cost efficiently

Bring the helps in only during busy period on an hour-by-hour basis, students are working on 2-3 hours gig instead of the normal 6–8-hour gig you’d offer to your full-time employees.

Keep the cost under control while have the right amount of staff at the right time.


Gigsta at your fingertips offers an additional support to your core team during peak hours and busy weekends. So, they won’t be overstretched during.

Delightful Customer Experience

You and your core team can focus on upselling and interacting with customers now. Better experience, better review, better retention.


Faster service with good quality keeps the average per-head spending up and customers coming back, higher revenue with lower labour percentage means higher profit!

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For Businesses Businesses Businesses

Employee No-Shows? 

Efficient workers are the cornerstone of every successful business.

However, even the best of them cannot make it at times due to some things they just cannot control, or sometimes they just need a break from it all.

Fluctuating Demand?

Extremely busy only during specific times or days such as the weekends or holidays? 

Hire Flexibly

Find The Right Candidate

Save Cost & Higher Profit

Try Gigsta

Gigsta’s sole purpose is to help you to hire part-time staff more flexibly and dynamically to adapt to the ever-changing business world.

With Gigsta, you can save the cost by just hiring 2-3hours extra help to cover the peak hours.

In the meantime, your full-time team can focus on skilled core tasks such as upselling and interacting with customers!

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We are a match-making platform facilitating part-time jobs. We help students find flexible part-time work while making sure businesses have just the right amount of people they need at the right time.